a wishlist i guess

im alysha. im 20. wish I was black like my dad instead of a lightskint ho.


since gofundme refused to delete a page basically paying Darren Wilson for killing Michael Brown I really don’t feel right using it so instead I’ve created a youcaring fundraiser account
please share this link any single way you can whether you’re tweeting it or putting it on Facebook or just reblogging this!!! anything can and will help us!!!






no officer that is not my beautiful dorder I don’t know her feel free to keep her in holding for the night

my hair is like 2?? inches past my shoulders now but it honestly feels like it was only 2-3 months ago it was in it’s pixie cut days

like this man laughed and made a joke about how the tight pants they made him wear for his costume made his ass look great as his ass was less than 2 feet away from my face and then told me he understood my urge to grab it I want to fuck chris pratt

I’ve never met anyone as nice and as friendly as chris pratt and if I had to lose a nipple to be able to meet him one more time so he’d drag those balls over me then so be it tbh

I would cut off a nipple if chris pratt would drag his balls across my face




Chris Pratt is literally a huge dorkball that just so happened to get paid to get fit and I literally would adore him in any shape he takes.


drinking coke is like drinking battery acid but I’ll never stop


this is honestly the most important vine


Nicole Richie & daughter Harlow


Nicole Richie & daughter Harlow


  #look just alike  

Arjun kapoor for stardust






You guys reblogged those gifs of James Franco and iggy and were like YAS JAMES LAY HER OUT PEDO I mean honestly get it together you’re all messy it’s from a Movie

it was nicki not iggy you stupid faggot

He fake interviewed iggy also

This girl didn’t call me a faggot I’m just tired and edited her response


I called him to the door and he won’t look at me cuz he know I know he been feeding that cat smfh